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John Singleton Copley (online at 1:45pm)

Lecture on Monday 4th October 2021 at 1:45PM

Lecturer: Clive Stewart-Lockhart

This great 18th century American portrait and history painter is most famous for the magnificent Death of Major Pierson, at Tate Britain. Copley was born and brought up in Boston before the American Revolution. The inspiration for this talk is a pair of portraits, by Copley, of Clive’s forebears, Duncan Stewart and his wife Anne Erving, painted in 1793. It follows Copley’s life from his early days in his mother’s tobacco shop in Boston to his election to the Royal Academy in London and life in England. Copley was possibly the greatest and most influential painter in colonial America, painting portraits of all the key figures in Revolutionary Boston, including Paul Revere with a silver teapot, leaving a great legacy on both sides of the Atlantic.

Clive Stewart Lockhart studied on the Sotheby's Works of Art course and has now been working in the fine art world for 46 years. He was a specialist on the BBC Antiques Roadshow for 25 years before retiring recently.

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