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7th October 20191:45PMChinese Imperial Court and Court Costumes of the Qing Dynasty 1644-1911Larruperz Centre
4th November 20191:45PMPassionate Potters - from De Morgan to LeachLarruperz Centre
2nd December 20191:45PMIndians, Buffalo and Storms - The American West in 19th Century ArtLarruperz Centre
3rd February 20201:45PMAlbrecht DürerLarruperz Centre
2nd March 20201:45PMThe Huguenot Heritage - their influence on English Silver 1680 to 1800Larruperz Centre
6th April 20201:45PMRaphael - A Master in the makingLarruperz Centre
11th May 20201:45PMA Kelmscott Chaucer for our timesLarruperz Centre
1st June 20201:45PMFrom Venice to Sheffield: John Ruskin's passion for Art, Craft and Social JusticeLarruperz Centre


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The Arts Society Ross-on-Wye holds two or three Days of Special Interest (or Study Days) each year. We usually meet in the pleasant atmosphere of Bishopswood Village Hall by the river Wye.

Each day is led by inspiring and experienced lecturers, each one an expert in their own field. They usually give three lectures accompanied by a slide or DVD presentation.

These events have proved to be a popular part of our calendar of events. The day is spent immersed in fine and decorative arts in the company of old and new friends. The fee usually includes the lectures together with coffeee breaks and a delicious lunch.

16th October 2019Leonardo Da Vinci: The Science of Art and the Art of ScienceBishopswood Village Hall
18th March 2020The Sublime to the Ridiculous: Hogarth, Reynolds and GillrayBishopswood Village Hall


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23rd September 2019 to 27th September 2019The Art and History of Kent
15th May 2020Barber Institute

Please note that attendance at Special Interest Days and Visits must be pre-booked, and that numbers may be limited

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